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Today is a special show for me. I have thought long and hard about condensing and distilling down the biggest factors in modern society that cause all the sickness and mental health issues we face today. Half of the areas I’ll talk about are not mentioned across social media as being an issue at all.

All of the items I discuss in today’s show should be avoided at all costs! The good news, if you can implement the simple strategies to avoid these 5 killers, you’ll be healthier than 98% of the population I am sure.

AirPods Pro vs Microwave Oven | RF Radiation Review

Laptop Stand, Foldable Portable Desktop Laptop Holder

Andy Mant | How Light Can Impact Our Health And How To Use It To Our Advantage

Llyod Burrell | The Dangers Of EMFs And How To Protect Yourself

August Brice | How To Thrive With Your Technology Through All The Digital Distraction

Brad Kearns | How Two Meals A Day Can Transform Your Energy, Drive And Wellbeing For Good

Brian Sanders | Debunking Nutrition Myths And Becoming A Peak Human

McDonald’s Broke My Heart (French Fry Podcast)

Dr Anthony Jay | The Negative Effects Of Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Wreaking Havoc on Your Health And How To Eliminate Them

Wendy Myers | Detoxification For Increased Energy And Vitality

Donna Schwenk | How To Improve All Health Markers With Fermented Foods

Mary Ruddick | Healing Chronic Health Conditions Through Dietary And Microbiome Changes

The 8 Simple Ideas To Curb Social Media Addiction

Your Mental Health Counts. 10 Ways To Safeguard Your Well-being.

Thank you so much for listening and checking out this episode of The Ideal Day Podcast.

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