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I am super excited about today’s guest. Fermented foods are new to my diet but have had a hugely beneficial impact on my mood, energy and wellbeing. I had to get an expert on to give us a deep dive into what they are and how they can improve our health.

Donna Schwenk believes her second life began at 41 years old when she discovered fermented foods. Fast forward a decade and a half later and today she has dedicated her life helping others learn how to connect to their bodies, their 100 trillion microbes.

Donna has been making and eating cultured foods for almost two decades, she has watched probiotic research grow by leaps and bounds and has seen first-hand how it can transform people’s lives.

Donna has three best-selling books: Cultured Food for LifeCultured Food for Health, and her newest book,  Cultured Food in Jar. She also has a weekly podcast, Cultured Food Life.

Donna has been published in magazines and featured on TV and PBS specials. Donna likes to always let you know that you’re never alone, you have 100 trillion friends and all they really care about is YOU!

Enquire now for 1:1 Coaching with Adam

Donna Schwenk’s Books

Cultured Food for Life

Cultured Food for Health

Cultured Food in Jar

Connect with Donna Schwenk below;

Cultured Food Life Website

Cultured Food Life Podcast

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