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Adam Parker

Adam Parker is one of today’s influential explorers of the mindset and productivity. He’s known for his ability to educe and explain complex ideas with humour and clarity, in a way that deeply connects with a wide audience.

On his popular, upbeat podcast “Your Ideal Day,” he discusses and educates on mind-set shifts, turning up as your best self and modern productivity hacks through raw stories, personal experience and inspiring interviews. Adam’s ability to connect with his audience is largely due to what some call an extreme amount of life experience.

Adam started his career in digital media across the likes of Yahoo! and eBay. Through that experience realised his passion of helping people become their best selves. His countless hours of research and self-experimentation contribute to his vast knowledge of improving the human condition.

He lives in London with his girlfriend Roberta. He spends his free time boxing, practicing yoga, cycling and testing out the latest health hacks.