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With me today on the podcast we have a true expert in modern day chemical exposure.  Dr Anthony Jay joins us today to talk about his book, Estrogeneration which gives a hands-on guide on presenting the health risks of man-made chemicals and have to avoid them.

Xenoestrogens, or chemicals that act like estrogen in the body, could already be lurking in your house and wreaking havoc on your hormones without you even realizing it. You may have heard of one of the most popular ones, BPA, which is commonly found in plastics, but that’s just the beginning here.

That’s why Dr. Anthony Jay, a best-selling author and lead researcher for the Mayo Clinic, comes on the show to discuss more about these xenoestrogens. Dr. Jay has been researching these for years and even published a book on the topic. So he’s a top expert that can explain where these harmful chemicals are hiding, why they’re so dangerous, and what you can do to eliminate them from your life.

Estrogeneration Book

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