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Sleep is an essential function that allows us to recharge, be refreshed and alert throughout the day. Sleep is a gamechanger when you get it right. I like to say that ‘I sleep like I am getting paid for it!’. In today’s show I walk you through the top tips I have used to 10X my sleep over the past 3-4 years.

This is that type of episode where you need to take notes! Sleep can literally change everything for you, how you feel, how you look how you turn up for your friends and family. Let’s take a deep dive into what has worked for me, hopefully it does for you!

Enquire now for 1:1 Coaching with Adam

Greg Potter | Upgrading Your Sleep

Siim Land | Why Should You Try Intermittent Fasting

Andy Mant | How Light Can Impact Our Health And How To Use It To Our Advantage

Llyod Burrell | The Dangers Of EMFs And How To Protect Yourself

August Brice | How To Thrive With Your Technology Through All The Digital Distraction

Chuck Hazzard | Track to Hack. The Oura Ring Deep Dive

Chilipad Sleep System

Oura Ring

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