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Your mental health influences how you think, feel and behave in daily life. It also affects your ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges and recover from life’s setbacks and hardships.

In today’s show we walk through 11 strategies on how to have amazing mental health, feeling contentment and a zest for life!

How To Safeguard Your Mental Health During A Lockdown

Why Getting Better About Rejection Can Help You Succeed In Life

Andy Mant | How Light Can Impact Our Health And How To Use It To Our Advantage

The 5 Surprising Ways That Meditation Improves You

Upgrade Your Mind. How To Cultivate A Growth Mindset.

The 8 Simple Ideas To Curb Social Media Addiction

How To Harness The Power Of Gratitude

Master Your Phone, Master Your Day

The Social Dilemma

The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday

Tribe, Sebastian Junger

Atomic Habits, James Clear

The Stoic Challenge, William B Irvine

The Joe Rogan Experience, #1655 – Sebastian Junger

Enquire now for 1:1 Coaching with Adam

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