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Our bodies require a huge variety of chemicals to operate at a healthy level. Many of us are aware that we need a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, which can be obtained from thousands of different ways. One of the more well-known ones is vitamin D, aka the “sunshine vitamin”. It is called this because our body produces it as a result of exposure to sunlight, but it can also be obtained through eating certain foods like salmon, shrimp, orange juice and many more. However, with more and more people spending time inside, lots of people are suffering with Vitamin D deficiency and are unaware as to why you need to keep on top of your vitamin D intake.

Vitamin D helps our bodies to regulate the amount of calcium that we produce, which strengthens our bones, muscles and teeth. Too little or too much calcium can damage or weaken your bones and muscles, which increases your chances of getting aches, pains or serious injuries.

Vitamin D has also been proven to improve your immune system, reducing the chances of you falling sick or becoming ill.

Another way you can boost your Vitamin besides eating certain foods is to take Vitamin D supplements. If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, it is recommended that you take 10 mg of Vitamin D every day for a year. We recently discussed supplements in our podcast when we had the pleasure of speaking to Brad Johnston, the co-owner of, which is a really good website for premium health products and supplements. If you would like to learn more about supplements and health products, we highly recommend you listen to this episode.