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We are all familiar with the phrase “work smarter, not harder” as it can be a very honest and effective quote. However, the issue with this saying is that people can take it the wrong way and become lazy with their work. Working smart does not always mean taking the route of least resistance, or whatever is quickest to the finish. Cutting corners will come back to bite you, it does almost every time in every aspect of life, and work should be no different.

A good mindset to put yourself in is to understand that working smart is not effective without working hard, and vice versa. Learning to work hard and smart is much easier said than done, but we can help you to get there. We recently did a podcast covering some methods and techniques that you can use to improve your time management, helping you to work smarter and harder. If you have any tips that you use to help motivate you to work harder and smarter, be sure to let us know on our socials!