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With the rapid growth of technology, many of us have drifted away from the super beneficial activity of reading. With more exposure to new shows and movies than ever, it is easy to let watching TV consume your free time. We are missing out on all of the benefits that reading can bring us, and some people aren’t even aware of these benefits.

Improved Memory

Reading books has been proven to increase our memory capacity. With all of the stories, fine details, characters and knowledge, your brain is training when you read. Every time you create a new memory, your memory capacity increases and strengthens. Statistics show that people who read are more likely to remember new memories and previous ones.


Reading exposes you to new information, which improves your knowledge. This information will help you in a variety of aspects in life. With the massive selection of different books, you can learn almost anything, and the choice is yours.


Similar to the improvement of your knowledge, reading can help to improve your vocabulary. Learning new words and new ways to construct sentences will help you to be articulate and well-spoken which can help you with many situations and opportunities such as job interviews or presentations. Successful people very often have a wide vocabulary and are well-spoken, and this is no coincidence.


Stress can get the better of us sometimes and we are always looking for ways to relieve ourselves from it. Reading is one of the best methods of stress relief, allowing you to escape any issues you may be stressing over, and allowing you to clear your mind.

As you can see, there are many benefits to reading, however many of us don’t read because we don’t know where to start. There are millions of books to choose from which can be overwhelming to say the least. To help you choose, we recently discussed our top 10 favourite books that will help you to be successful in our latest podcast, so be sure to check it out on our website or any major podcast outlet.