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We recently had the pleasure of having Matthew Kimberley on our podcast to discuss ways to get people to say yes to you. One of his methods to improve your success with sales involves three straight forward steps that will help you to pitch yourself or business without being too forward.

Step 1

The first step is to ask the potential customer or client what it is that they want. By engaging in a casual conversation about the industry or field that your product or service is in will help you to kickstart this step. For example, if you are in the business of being a fitness coach, you could bring up how many times they work out in a week or month. After their response, ask them what it is that they want. Do they want to look better, be healthier, lift more in the gym, run a marathon or beat a PB?

Step 2

The next step in the process is to follow up the first question by asking them why they want it. Do they want it for self-satisfaction? They might say they want to work out to become healthier to prolong their life to see their kids grow up. This question not only helps you to understand why they want it, but it also shows them.

Step 3

The final step of the strategy is for you to then make your offer. This is when you would step in to say that this is where you can help them to achieve this. You will either get a yes, no, tell me more or let me think about it. Three of those responses make them person an interested customer or client.

This strategy helps you to come across as less threatening and “sales aggressive” and very often will improve your success rate. It helps to get the customer to agree to a sales pitch.

Matthew talked us through some of his other strategies in more detail and shared with us his essential sales advice in our latest podcast. Whether you are an experienced salesperson or someone with no experience, we highly recommend that you check this episode out. You can find it on our website or on all major podcast outlets.