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So many of us are lacking good sleep, whether it is how much sleep we are getting, or the quality of sleep. There are lots of guides and articles on advice on how you can improve your sleep but there is one topic that rules above all, Blue light. Blue light is a huge issue when it comes to sleep and by now most people know about it, but avoiding it is much harder than it seems. In a technology dominated world, avoiding blue light is nearly impossible. If you run a business, you probably check your emails very frequently, including before you go to bed, but most guides will tell you that to improve your sleep you should avoid looking at your phone or laptop before you go to sleep. This has been proven to help but can be difficult to do.

A solution that can help you still use technology and still get a good night’s sleep is blue light blocking glasses. Blue blockers filter out blue light from getting to your eyes, increasing your melatonin levels. It is still better to cut out usage of screens entirely in the evening but for those who aren’t or can’t give this up, blue blockers are the perfect solution.

Turning your lights off around the house is also a really good way to reduce your blue light exposure. We often associate blue light with screens, but in reality, it is an artificial light. To navigate the dark of your home, you can use a red light that will illuminate the house and help you to produce melatonin.

We recently spoke to Matt Maruca about the importance of sunlight and the effects blue light can have on you. If you are interested in learning more about blue light and other methods recommended to use by Matt, be sure to listen to our latest podcast which can be found on all major podcast outlets or our website.