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Being in an unhealthy relationship can be very destructive to your wellbeing and can affect other aspects of your life. It is something that none of us want or would wish on anyone. The issue is that some people are unaware that they are in an unhealthy relationship or that it is heading that way, so how can you tell if you are in an unhealthy relationship.


One aspect of a healthy relationship is the freedom and understanding that each half shows to each other. If your partner is overly controlling, your relationship could be unhealthy. Some people are naturally controlling which is fine, however if the controlling and ordering is frequent and you feel restraint in being able to choose what you do, wear or eat for example, then you are most likely in an unhealthy relationship.

Lack of trust

If you find yourself or your partner having a lack of faith in each other, then your relationship is not healthy. It is crucial that you believe in what your partner says, and that you trust in their actions when you are not around. Constantly worrying and having negative thoughts about what they are up to when they go out with friends for example is not only very self-destructive, but it is making the relationship unhealthy.

Poor communication

Probably the most common sign of an unhealthy relationship is the poor communication. If you and your partner are unable to address issues and discuss them together in a relatively calm manner then you both generating a massive amount of toxicity within the relationship. Holding on to thoughts and feelings without expressing them will only end badly. It is best to deal with it sooner than later, and if it goes wrong, then the relationship was wrong.

We recently had Dr John Gray on our podcast where we discussed ways to maintain a healthy relationship. Be sure to check it out by visiting our website or by searching for Your Ideal Day on all major podcast outlets.