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Visualisation is a very powerful technique that can help you to achieve your goals. Visualising your success can help you to clear up your path to the success that you are seeking. This works for all goals and isn’t limited to anything. It works for a couple of reasons, one being the previously mention clearing of your path to success, but another reason is that it helps to build your self-confidence. Seeing yourself achieving success and reaping the rewards of meeting your goals will fill you with confidence and all-round make you feel better, even if it’s in your imagination.

When you are visualising, you need to be relaxed and you need to think vividly. Some people find it easier to visualise after they have meditated for a bit in order to clear their mind. You may have never tried meditating before, and this may take some getting used to. The key is to be as relaxed as possible, so do whatever works best for you. To think vividly you need to focus on the details as much as possible. Pay attention to what is different in your visualisation than in real life, this could include how you behave, what you are doing, who you’re with, any details can help you. You can then use this information to guide yourself down the right track and make your visualisation a reality.

This is just one of the ways that you can help to influence your own success, to learn about more ways you can create success or achieve your goals, listen to our latest podcast on 10 personal development practices that create success for you.