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Many people struggle to maintain a healthy level of balance in their lives, most commonly the work to life balance. This can lead to people suffering from anxiety and stress, so today we are going to cover some tips that can help you to restore some balance in your life and get you back to a healthy position in life.

Be definitive with your time

By setting clear guides and times, you can remove any confusion or excuses to spend more time on something. For example, if you run your own business but want to spend more time with your family, set a work cut off time at 6pm giving you time to spend with your family. Drop whatever it is you are doing at this time and enjoy the time away from work. This may be hard but once this becomes a routine, you will find yourself more relaxed at the end of the day, reducing stress and anxiety caused from lack of rest. This also leads nicely to our next point, lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep

Similar to the lack of rest, you absolutely need sleep in order to function efficiently. Make sure that you set yourself a time to go to sleep that you wont pass. Your optimal hours of needed sleep may vary to others, so find that time through some testing and be sure to get the right amount of sleep.

Motivate yourself

Some of us lose balance in our life when we forget our purpose or goals. If you don’t have goals set in your life, this is something that you should be doing. Write down the goals that you want to achieve, whether its short term, long term, big or small. If you have goals set but are struggling to motivate yourself, you should start to look at things such as your diet and seeing where you can improve it. Your body is fueled by what you put into it, so keeping it healthy with the right fuel will help you to get motivated and restore the balance back into your life.

These are just some of the ways you can help to restore balance back into your life. If this is something that you find useful and would like to learn more about, you should listen to our most recent podcast with Dr Ian Tennant, where we cover balance, and how you can return to a natural state of great health.