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Many people struggle with anxiety and panics attacks, and we let it control too much of our lives. Although there is no simple cure, you can reduce it and prevent panic attacks with some simple steps and strategies. Some of these strategies are as follows:


Exercise is very important when it comes to reducing anxiety. We spend a lot of time behind screens whether its during our free time or when we are working, but exercise is a great way to get away from this routine which has been linked to anxiety. You don’t have to do any intense exercise, stretching, going for a walk and yoga can be very effective.


Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial, and you will often hear people who have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks tell you that they are much more prone after a bad nights sleep. So make sure you allow yourself enough time in bed, avoid blue light before you go to sleep and avoid eating before sleeping.


Your diet can massively impact the likeliness of you suffering from anxiety. Alcohol and caffeine have been proven to increase anxiety and trigger panic attacks, so avoiding these when possible will be beneficial. We also recently spoke to Sonny Blonstein-Dent, also known as the Ancestral Health Guy, and he told us about how your gut is heavily linked to your brain, meaning that what you eat can have huge effects on your mental well-being. Eating foods that upset your gut can cause you to fall into depressions and can be avoided by finding and cutting them out of your diet. We highly recommend that you listen to the podcast if you are interested in learning more about how you can heal anxiety and panic attacks.

This short guide only covers a couple of the many ways you can combat your struggles; however these are commonly agreed to be the most impactful. We hope that this helps you to overcome and deal with your anxieties.