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For some of us, the mornings can be a slow start, but to have an ideal day you need to start it in the best way possible. You need to be awake and motivated from the get go and there are a few ways to help yourself achieve this morning motivation every day.

Get the right amount of sleep

Preparation is key, and to be motivated in the morning you need to have set yourself up right. Make sure that you get to sleep at a good time to allow yourself not too little sleep, but also not too much. Everyone has a different optimal number of needed hours of sleep, so you’ll need to try different times to see what suits you best.

Don’t put it off

Motivation is a mindset, and if you snooze your alarm or just give yourself and extra five minutes, you are developing a mindset that will make you put off other things throughout the day. When you hear your alarm, the best thing to do is just force yourself out of bed and get upright.

Get your mind working

Positive thinking will help you to wake up mentally. Thinking about what you are going to achieve in the day is a really good way to kick your brain into gear and develop the self-motivational mindset.

Give your body the right fuel

Your body operates on what you put into it, so a healthy and fresh breakfast is essential. Eggs, omelettes, smoothies etc will give you the energy you need to start the day right, and a really tasty breakfast can help motivate you to wake up easier.


These are just some guides to help you start your morning right. Everyone is different, and so you should feel free to add or change certain parts of your routine like maybe meditating. We recently discussed 10 ways to get yourself and keep yourself motivated in our podcast, and we went into much more detail and even broke down the theory of motivation to better understand how we can motivate ourselves, so be sure to check the episode out.