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Many of us are working from home at the moment and are struggling to be productive and find motivation to work. Separating your mind from being in work mode and relax mode becomes very difficult because they are now sharing the same environment. Here are some quick pointers that you can use to help motivate yourself and become the most productive you can be.

Setting a strict schedule

If you set yourself a strict schedule to help your mind rest after work. If you drop all your work at the same time every day, you will begin to find that you will feel more relaxed. This will give you more energy for the next time you work, improving your productivity. It can be hard to do this especially if you are running your own business, however I recommend trying this out whenever possible.

Set achievable goals

Setting achievable goals is a really effective way to motivate yourself. This helps you to track your success and gives you something to work to. It doesn’t matter what goal you set however big or small, but it is better to make it achievable as this will give you a sense of satisfaction which will continue to motivate you when you work.

Hopefully, these pointers help you to be more motivated when you work and help to improve your productivity. If you’d like to learn more techniques that can help motivate you and reduce your procrastination, you should listen to our latest podcast which you can find on our website and all major podcast outlets.