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I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Frank Tufano. Formerly a bodybuilder, personal trainer and now YouTuber, Frank changed paths over 7 years ago to pursue optimal health through nutrition.

After developing an understanding of the importance of high-quality foods in the diet, Frank has made it my life goal to spread this message and improve the health of people in the way that has worked for thousands of years. Maximize nutrients and minimize inflammation with a diet focused on high quality natural foods.

We talk the importance of diet, more specifically what humans require for optimal health. We also touch upon other modalities that ensure the best in human wellness, including reducing EMF exposure, the importance of movement and sleep.

Connect with Frank Tufano below;

Frank Tufano Website

Frankie’s Free-Range Meat

Frankie’s Natural

The Ancestral Indigenous Diet: A Whole Foods Meat-Based Carnivore

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