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In this modern era, everyone has a mobile phone. If you walk down the street, you will see hundreds on people on their phones, and the usage continues to grow as we become more dependant on them. We are aware of the dangers that phone addictions can have on someone’s mental state, but lots of people are unaware of the potential physical danger that comes with it.

Your phone emits radiofrequency radiation which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. Radiofrequency radiation falls under the non-ionizing category as opposed to the ionizing category which includes more well-known types of radiation such as X-rays. It is confirmed that exposure to x-rays can lead to cancer, but there is yet to be any consistent evidence to show that radiofrequency can cause cancer, however many believe that it does and that the reason there is no consistent evidence is because mobile phones are relatively new and the data is yet to be confirmed because it’s such a new technology. Many believe that in the near future, tests will show that it does develop slow growing cancers, and with billions of users holding their phones up to their heads daily increasing their exposure it’s not exactly farfetched, but only time will tell.

If you would like to learn more about radiofrequency waves and EMFs, you should listen to our podcast with Lloyd Burrell, where we go into more detail on the topic.