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Today’s show is an interview Adam did as a guest On Uprise Talks with Katie Booth.

Uprise Talks a your weekly dose of inspiration to get up, get out, and pursue whatever it is that makes you feel truly alive. They talk to inspiring, remarkable people from founders & investors, to athletes, authors and Ted Talkers – who are all living lives worth telling stories about, by finding their purpose and taking action on it.

On this episode, we talk about how to create your ideal day during these very difficult times we find ourselves in along with strategies on how to goal set and keep your wellbeing in check. It was a great free flowing conversation with tonnes of value for people tuning in.

Uprise Talks is a great podcast you all should check out. Their second season of episodes is just launching so be sure to tune in!

Uprise Talks Podcast

Uprise Academy

Thank you so much for listening and checking out this episode of Your Ideal Day.

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