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Starting your day right is the most influential factor of how your day is going to go. If you start it poorly, you are more than likely going to carry a negative attitude throughout the day, however it you kick your day off with a positive start, you will carry this energy and have a more positive outlook on the rest of the day. So, the question is how can you make sure that you start everyday right?

Make your own bed

Making your own bed in the morning sounds basic and almost useless, but research shows otherwise. It provides you with a sense of pride and accomplishment, which will then encourage you to complete other tasks. This is essentially a small kick start of motivation to get the ball rolling. It also provides a relaxing feeling at the start of your day. Your room looks clean and organised which is always nice, but it also takes a task off of your plate for later in the day.

Drink clean water

Drinking clean and filtered water after you wake up has been proven to fire up your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes. It also helps your body to flush out any toxins that have built up in your kidneys. It is also important to note that your brain does not operate properly when you are dehydrated, so after a night’s sleep of no drinking, your body and brain is desperate for water so it is vital that you replace this missing water.

Breathing techniques

We recently spoke to Josh Trent in a podcast about developing your physical and emotional wellness, and he touched on one of his breathing techniques. Josh breathes out all the air in his lungs, he then quickly breathes in as much are as he can for two seconds. He then holds this air in his lungs for seven seconds. Once the seven seconds have passed, he slowly exhales this air for 8 seconds. This quick and easy to do breathing technique can help improve your blood flow, relax muscles, and help clear your mind.

These are very simple ways to start your day right, and we highly recommend that you try these techniques and try to incorporate them into your daily routine and let us know on our Instagram how it has helped you.