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On average, 1 in 4 people with suffer from mental health issues at some point in their life. Everyday, mental health affects more and more people, so we need to help inform everyone on how to improve their mental well-being.

Face to Face contact with friends

As humans, we are wired to live with a pack mentality and many of us break away from this natural instinct with increased usage of social media and mobile phones. Meeting up with friends in person for a coffee, meal or anything can reduce stress and relax the mind.


Frequent exercise can really help relieve stress and built up tension. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins which is also known as the happy chemical in our brain. Exercising can also help to better your quality of sleep, which is a big contributor to the lack of mental well-being.

Challenge Yourself

We recently covered the topic of breaking comfort zones and goal setting, and the importance of it. Setting goals helps you to get up in the morning and to start it right. It gives you a purpose and something to set your eyes on going forward, helping to motivate you and stop you from getting lost on the path to success and happiness.


Lack of sleep can have a devastating impact of your mental well-being and so it is crucial that you help yourself to get the right amount of sleep and the best quality sleep you can get. This can be achieved by setting a set time to sleep and wake up to help develop a regular body clock, and to also steer clear of electronic screens that emit blue light around an hour before you go to sleep.

Chill out time

Keeping yourself to a routine can be good for you, but you also need to keep a healthy balance of relaxing as well as sticking to this routine. Taking 20 minutes a day to sit down and watch TV or do whatever relaxes you can drastically benefit you by reducing stress. Be selfish and take some time out.

Get Outside

Fresh air is massively underrated as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. Many of us only get fresh air when we walk to and from our car but taking that extra time to stand or sit outside and just breathe in the clean air can relax and clear the mind. A great time to do this is as soon as you wake up to help you kickstart your day right!


Meditation once again is a great way to clear the mind. Many of us get caught overthinking about a thousand things at once, and mediation is a great way to tackle this stress. A great way to help you start meditating is to not think about getting anything out of it, but to just focus on practising getting into a routine of doing it, and not letting anything disturb you during it.


Your body is built up of what you put into it, so it makes sense to think that the healthier your diet is, the healthier your body will feel. A good diet will provide you with more energy throughout the day, reduce sluggishness, and improve productivity, which all in course reduces stress and anxiety.

Time out from devices

With social media taking more control of our lives every day, it is more important than ever to take some time away from the internet and our devices. Social media is heavily linked to envious feelings and depression, so taking time away from devices can help avoid these issues and reduce the development of low self-esteem.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

Probably the most important point on our list. Seeking help when you are struggling isn’t always easy, but if you suffer from your mental health you must seek help. There is always someone their who will help you. No one can tackle mental health difficulties alone, so always seek help.

Our most recent podcast goes into more details about the ways to combat mental health issues and better your well-being, so be sure to head over to our podcasts page to check it out.